Executive Diploma in Business Strategy and Policy (BSaP)

About BSaP

S. A. Adebisi, Ph.D
Programme Coordinator

Duration of Programme:  6 Months or 2 Weeks intensive (2 Diets, 8 Modules for 14 Saturdays OR  14 week days) and 4 Saturdays for Term Papers and Projects Pitching)

Nature of Study/ Classes: Taught Course & Remote Learning online; through Learning Management System (LMS) 

Nature of Examination:  Policy and Strategy Management Challenge, Individual Seminar/                                                        Presentations, Team Presentation, and Strategy Case Writing

Commencement and Graduation Dates: Would be determined at date of commencement/entry. 

Competitive economy is only made possible by competitive managers (of both private and public sectors) who are well grounded in business strategy and policy formulation to play the competitive game to the top. This knowledge today is very scarce in Africa and is responsible for the non-competitiveness nature of African nations among other committee of nations. This program is designed based on cutting edge modules that have capability to help African Managers and Executives bridge this huge gap in Africa to create enduring and sustainable business ecosystem that will remain globally competitive. 
Programme Objectives
The objectives of the BSaP programme is to:
·         Engender actions and decisions that will lead to sustainable competitive advantage for managers of African origin;
·         Increase the sensibility of the participants to opportunities recognition and identification
·         Build the capacity of the business executives to respond to business and policy challenges;
·         Train participants in the techniques of responding to change and managing the change outcomes;
·         Facilitate knowledge around crisis and complex situations management
·         Train the business executives on decision making analysis with specific attention to cost / benefit analysis; and
·         Bring private and public sectors managers together to appreciate the development of business ecosystem that rewards the capitalist as well as respect the government tax and revenue drive;
·         Train the participants on power and power acquisition strategies.


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