I am happy to welcome you to the University of Lagos Business School (ULBS).

At the ULBS, we enhance the skills and employability of our students and provide innovative business research and training leading to capacity to develop unequalled business strategy modelled for technology-driven business and development of the entrepreneurial skills needed at the very top. ULBS is an excellent choice to attain your business education and prepare for a successful career. Our Business School is in a most serene location near the Lagos lagoon in Lagos State, the economic nerve centre of Nigeria.

Our School provides exciting educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and locations. We offer many different major courses of study (degrees, diplomas and certificates) that prepare students for success in the real world by engaging our students in instructional modes that promote creative thinking, problem-solving, writing and public speaking skills. The faculty are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with students and providing excellent educational experience. At ULBS, students not only get the current materials during classroom interactions but also have many opportunities for real world application while still a student. 

University of Lagos Business School is an academic institution of choice with a matchless brand identity that distinguishes us from others. The unique brand identity of the School is a composition of several factors, such as :

        • its location in the African centre for commerce;
        • completely student-centred learning approach;
        • a fully global curriculum, including study abroad options;
        • the quality of its teaching and academic research; and
        • Commitment of our facilitators to impacting skills that breed first-class entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and purposeful leaders.

The school is developing rapidly in our mission to be highly regarded for both excellence in teaching and high-quality research that will earn us the position of a top-class Business School globally recognized for knowledge, currency and relevance- nationally and internationally.

By studying at ULBS, you would have a first-class student experience.  The school stands ready to help the new generation of business leaders to solidify their long-term success in business and leadership position.  In addition, the ULBS will offer a unique learning laboratory where innovation and technology help today’s new generation of business leaders to acquire the best theoretical and practical experiences, with their work on real-life problems in a learning format, combining case studies and simulations.

At ULBS, students have the opportunity to create their own customized education. Education in and out of the classroom is readily available and highly encouraged. Our faculty are very friendly, pleasant, warmly, welcoming and supportive. Due to our small class sizes, students will have the opportunity to know the faculty and work with them side by side on seminars, presentations, business and research projects.

Our school is open to students of all races, colours, creeds, ethnicities, genders, cultural backgrounds and social status. You will therefore have an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make life-long friends.  ULBS students are bound to have an unforgettable and life transforming experience. The huge recreational activities and tourist attractions available in both the university and the state enable you to develop a healthy balance between your academic and leisure life.

If you are interested in preparing for a career in business and wish for an outstanding education in an excellent environment, you have found it. I welcome you to a school where business leaders are fashioned, incubated, modelled and made.


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