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Dr. Uche Onokala
Programme Coordinator

The industry leaders innovate customarily, adapt swiftly to prevailing business conditions and grab rising opportunities before other competitors make a move to do so. The Executive Change Management and Organisational Development (CMOD) programme is specially designed and geared towards managing change and growth in establishment. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to learn how to lead a dynamic organization, one characterized by a smooth blend of innovation, best practices and developmental change.

Through case method which involves discussing real world issues being faced by businesses, participants will study market-leading firms, discover and exploit different ways to strike a balance between innovation and performance. These will in turn equip participants in opening up strategic experimentation without harming financial equilibrium, transforming the company successfully and charting a course for increased profitability.

The ULBS hereby invites qualified participants to apply for the CMOD diploma programme.



Duration of Programme:

One Month Classes hold on Fridays (5pm-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-5pm).

 Mode of Study/classes:

Online and In-person, Case studies, Lectures, discussion, project-inclined working groups. Participants tackle specific challenges in organizations and provide proven, pragmatic problem-solving models.

Nature of Certificate:      

  1. Certificate in CMOD will be issued to participants of any single module.
  2. Diploma in CMOD will be issued  to participants after completion of all the modules.

Commencement: Jan. 29, 2021

Graduation: March 29, 2021

Programme Fees:

Application Fees: N15,000

Course fee: 

1. Certificate: N50,000 

2. Diploma: N180,000

Target Audience:   Chief Executive Officers; Executive Directors; General Managers/Heads of Units; Senior Special Assistants to Political Office Holders; Permanent Secretaries; Directors- Ministries of Finance, Trade & Investment, Tax Agencies and CBN Directors; Boardroom Non-Executive Directors; Policy Formulators; NGO Promoters; Advertising and Competition Managers; Directors in Private and Public institutions.


Module 1:

  • Change or choke – The inevitability of change for business growth in a digitally driven COVID -19 economy.

Module 2:

  • Driving Change – The role of technology in Organizational development.

Module 3:

  • Change Dimensions – Perspectives to Redesigning Organizations.

 Module 4:

  • Implementing Change – Appling Change for Organisational Success.



This course is open to:

  •  Holders of Diploma/ Degree of any discipline from the University of Lagos, any other recognized University or Institution.
  • Holders of Professional qualifications, such as ACA, ACCA, CIM, CIIN, ACIPM, AMNIM, ACB and similar others.
  • Other criteria the University of Lagos Business School may consider appropriate.

Application Opens: Monday,  2nd November, 2020

How to apply:  

To make an application kindly visit: (programmes – CMOD)

For further information, please contact: 

Mrs. Olorunleke 

Marketing Officer, (ULBS).

Tel.: +2348055349017


 Or visit the ULBS office: 3rd Floor, UNILAG Alumni Jubilee House (GTBank), University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

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