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Professor Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola, FAS

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The trend in Ivy League institutions across the world has shown that the creation of independent Business Schools is inevitable. A business school is a center of excellence that projects the image of the entire University and sometimes develops into a better brand than the University itself. The vision of a business school is to possess the liberty to fully focus on providing scholars with quality education, and this is what University of Lagos Business School is setting its sights on. University of Lagos Business School hopes to be able to move to a regime of governance structure in the form of a non-profit foundation, governed by a board of trustees and governors. This would allow University of Lagos Business School to operate as an autonomous entity, in terms of direction and strategy.


The University of Lagos Business School (ULBS) was set up to advance the culture of excellence in Business education by the University of Lagos. The ULBS provides executive professional degree, diploma and certificate programmes, relevant to today’s working world and stands ready to help the new generation of business leaders and managers to solidify their immediate and long-term success in business

The ULBS gives students the experience, leadership skills and networking opportunities they need to succeed in business.  We are an institution dedicated to shaping leaders who will contribute immensely and ethically to the social and economic well-being of Nigeria and the world. At ULBS, students have the opportunity to be mentored by local business leaders, gain international experience through exchange opportunities and earn real-world, work experience in our business/industrial development programme before graduating. We nurture, promote innovation and entrepreneurship by providing students with access to powerful online and offline resources and simulations in the School.

The ULBS aims to be a centre of excellence, committed to the training and development of global managers and leaders, whilst providing a challenging and highly rewarding educational experience in a world class setting.

In addition, the University of Lagos Business School (ULBS) will offer a unique learning laboratory where innovation and technology help today’s new generation of business leaders to acquire the best theoretical and practical experiences, with their work on real-life problems in a learning format, combining case studies and simulations, using our Faculty Simulation Laboratory.

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