Executive Master of Public Health

The Executive Master of Public Health (EMPH) degree programme prepare candidates with the prerequisite familiarity to health delivery systems for leadership in public health, primary health-care delivery and management through in-depth exposure to advances in health sciences and to quantitative social and managerial skills. It is a professional Masters programme with the opportunity to undertake preceptorship postings to local government councils and industrial health clinics.                                                                                           

The programme will adequately and appropriately trained qualified Epidemiologists, Health Managers and Health Information Management experts for the current global challenges. Graduates of this programme will have their analytical skills sharpened to enable them critically assess environmental factors as well as public health interventions and their potential relative impact on health.

Duration of Programme:

24 Months comprising 6 semesters of 16 weeks each. Classes hold on Friday evenings (5pm-8pm), and Saturdays (9am-5pm), Online learning inclusive.

Nature of Study/ Classes

Intensive lectures, Case studies and Presentations hold from Monday to Friday once in each semester preparatory to assessment. All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Commencement:4th September 2021

Graduation: Dates:9th September 2023.

 Nature of Examination:  Selection Interview Date: Will be communicated.

DEGREE AWARDED: Masters of Public Health (MPH)




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